JA RULE ft R KELLY & ASHANTI – “Wonderful”
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This is a short entry, because I don’t want to give a mediocre R.Kelly penned (and featuring!) record much more attention than it deserves, which is basically none. Ja Rule’s shrewdness in picking collaborators has since become more widely unders[…]

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Guy Chambers’ ex-Westlife rescue mission spelt opportunity for his more famous writing partner. Robbie Williams had already been a star when he found Chambers, and what the songwriter brought him was structure, giving a young man the chance to turn[…]


3. Priceless Junk
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(The third part of the 3-part piece about the 1000th Number 1, the charts, and 20 years of writing about them. Part 1. Part 2. See also the pieces on #999 and #1000 on Popular.)

Here’s the thing, though. I still really like pop music.

When I […]

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  1. This is the first - only? - chipmunk soul number one. Although it isn't a soul record Eminem is sampling,…

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