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Popular '69
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Back in the Summer of 69. And the Spring, Autumn and other bits too. A missing Popular year poll for you to keep your spirits up while Tom regroups. Tom’s standing orders are:
I give a mark out of 10 to every single featured on Popular. This […]

Popular '68
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I AM THE GOD OF POLL-FIRE AND I BRING YOU… tickboxes. 44-year-old tickboxes. Mid-August 68 and the TODALLY bonkers world of Art Brown was here, soon giving way to a string of killer Bs, Beach Boys, Bee Gees and The Beatles Band. The latter clearly […]

Popular '64
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Will you still read me, will you still tick me, now we’re ’64? Expect a new Popular post proper presently, however we’ve had a call for another year poll, and the 2d10 came up with 64. So, Tom’s standing orders are:
I give a […]

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  1. Sure are! And currently the HIGHEST READER SCORE ever according to

  2. "Scooter’s take on Supertramp" you say.–-love-will-tear-us-apart-and-21-scooter-–-ramp-the-logical-song/

  3. Wait, did I miss TOTP repeats starting up again?