gates anyoneIf you’re going to apologise for infidelity, “it could happen to anyone” is not the best starting point, but in its very callowness this is a much more suitable song for Gareth Gates than any of the other stuff he was handed. Gates’ selling point – the reason he’d almost won – was his teen idol innocence, a perception of naivety which gave the tabloids a stereotype-fuelled field day when he had a fling with Katie Price.

The temptation succumbed to by the bewitched and befuddled Gates in “Anyone Of Us” sounds less a Romp with Jordan, more an ill-advised snog. Unlike “Unchained Melody”, which was a song designed to give teenage hormone rushes the respectable coating of adult romance, “Anyone Of Us” lets boys be boys: confused, horny, regretful, dumb. It’s catchy, but nobody’s taken much effort to make it sound good – this is production-line stuff, down to the stardust swooshes and icky Spanish guitars. But it’s the one time Gates is allowed to play to his strengths, and I’ve always been fond of it for that.

Score: 6

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