An upcoming Popular special event!

Coming up soon – we’ll have to just tolerate spoilers here – is Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”, which as every schoolkid knows is the longest-running number one of all time. Sixteen long weeks, to be exact.

So my review of it will be a little different from normal. I’m going to listen to it sixteen times on the trot – one for each week – and live blog as I go. (With a minute or so break between each to finish typing). The whole thing will take about 60-70 minutes 90 minutes, and at the end I’ll hand out a mark.

Of course comments will be open all this time, and I’ll announce before exactly when it’s going to happen (early afternoon on a weekday, I should think) so you commenters can follow along too. There’s still a few entries to go before that, too.

(This idea is stolen from an old comics fanzine from 1991 in which Andrew Littlefield and Hasan Yusuf did something similar, so credit to them!)