Take my breath away, leave me breathless: the general “Top Gun, only not as good” vibe of Days Of Thunder extended to this single. As stately, as vague, more soporific somehow. One new ingredient is religion – “such amazing grace”, “feels divine” – and yes, this is a post-Madonna power ballad, but in this more conservative form the dance of identity between worshipper and worshipped quite vanishes. It has a slothful, vanillla, lie-back-and-think-of-the-Midwest kind of passion – sex as blockbuster movie, where your role is simply to wait for the ‘wow’ moment the heroic lead will surely provide.

McKee can belt, but she’s most comfortable away from the chorus, giving “Show Me Heaven” a more tender and dynamic performance than it might deserve. With this material, she can’t convince anyone of anything, but thanks to her it sounds for a while like this is a song, not a steamroller, that if it caught you in the right mood you might find something to relate to in it. But a lot of her good work is undone by that mandolin, its folksy, friendly, irritating air undercutting whatever subtleties she’s bringing.

Score: 4

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