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“The Power” is a bit like “Dub Be Good To Me”‘s European exchange partner – some of the same ingredients but mixed in very different proportions. The song juggles aggression and melancholy, and makes both immediately appealing – the juddering riff which opens “The Power” set against the slow pace and lonesome spaciousness of the production and Pennye Ford’s vocals. The riff is more distinctive than the singing, to be honest, but the contrast works.

Even so “The Power” hasn’t aged particularly well – it sounds far feebler now than it once did. Sad to say a lot of this failing of strength is down to poor Turbo B, whose rapping is ponderous even as it dominates the song. There are no real howlers in the lyrics but nothing memorable either – it sounds like the producers simply liked the idea of a rapper and didn’t care what if anything he might be saying. To be fair to Snap! they were hardly the only European trackmongers to take this tack, and as we’ll see it sometimes worked. But Turbo B is a drag on the record – a big finger-wagging lump, plodding crossly into imagined battle: “I will attack! And you don’t want that!”. There’s an infectious innocence to most early 90s Eurodance tracks which keeps them endearing, like 60s dance-craze hits – so I still enjoy this record, but powerful it’s not.

Score: 6

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