You can see why he won it even before you hear him sing: his side-saddle lounging on the Eurovision stage signalled a more intimate, warmer performance than the Contest had been used to, particularly after the ABBA insurgence. Ballads had always been big; upbeat songs had got even bigger – Logan’s mournful poking at crushed hopes was a smart, competitive move.

But in the real world? Mush. “What’s Another Year?” is an adequate soft-pop song, a few years out of date, given a greasy reading. The single version – with that sax intro so bright and unavoidable – sounds bigger, slicker and hollower than Logan’s Eurovision performance: even less of the song’s bitterness comes over, and little enough was allowed through anyhow. Logan isn’t asking listeners to pity him, or sympathise, and certainly not to simmer and rage alongside him. He knows his market better than that: he’s asking us to mother him, and clearly thousands were happy to oblige.

Score: 3

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