The first live Number One since “My Old Man’s A Dustman”, and a similar symbol of a singer’s transformation from firebrand to beloved entertainer. Though – just like Lonnie – the entertainer was always part of Elvis’ make-up, and the fire never quite died out. Recorded in Vegas, “The Wonder Of You” is a could-be-a-lady-could-be-God number that lets Elvis mix devotion and hip-wiggling in crowd-pleasing proportions. It’s a rotten song, inviting its singer into a show of pious mock-humility, but Presley refuses – his version has a warmth the tune probably doesn’t deserve. He never recorded “The Wonder Of You” in a studio, which makes perfect sense: with an audience there, the “you” has a third, literal meaning. “You touch my hand and I’m a King / Your love for me is worth a fortune” – indeed.

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