Recorded in Nashville with Billy Sherrill as producer and the Jordanaires on backing vocals – this has the pedigree, alright, but can Cliff handle the song? The answer has to be no. He plays it smooth and burnished, but comes across as smarmy: this kind of composure does not suggest a man who collapses as soon as his lover is out of sight. Just as well for the putative relationship, but it makes the track feel insincere. I don’t know the ins and outs of his catalogue, but my suspicion is that Cliff Richard never does “lonesome” terribly well: upbeat, yes; affirming, maybe; self-satisfied, well of course. But his security-blanket voice doesn’t lend itself to melancholy or worse. As for Sherrill and his crew, they do a slick job, make the record sound good, and drop a few country signifiers into the mix as souvenirs for Cliff to take back home. But they can’t bring it to life.

Score: 4

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