At first I thought it ran out of steam early – 90 seconds in, she’d made her point, why did she have to reprise it in high-kicking swing-vamp style? I was completely wrong of course – the last 45 seconds of “Who’s Sorry Now?” are vital because that’s when Connie really, coldly, rubs her ex’s misery in his face. As in – not only are you unhappy, not only did I tell you you’d be unhappy, not only am I happy that you’re unhappy, but I’m going to say so all over again while the band plays STRIPPER MUSIC.

The first bit is pretty great too – I love the country arrangement and Connie’s measured unsympathy, and the “just like a friend” line drowns me in crocodile tears, but the end is where it really gets going. The guitarist in particular seems to be having a gloating good time – maybe he’s her new beau?

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Score: 7

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