The best of the year’s many film-tie ins, Cher goes at this girl group classic like a charging rhino. On the original – more restrained than this, obviously, but still a belter by 1964 standards – Betty Everett plays a self-righteous teen, convinced that a snog is the only way to prove her beau is The One. Cher, on the other hand, is singing this at least partly in her Mermaids character, an eccentric single mom (apparently – like most people, I didn’t see it).

This puts a different spin on the record – teen romantic belief becomes enjoyably bad parental advice as bellowed by Cher, a performance that will brook no appeals (“NO NO THAT’S JUST HIS ARM”). It’s also rather funny, particularly as Cher simply steamrollers her meek backing singers in the second verse, breaking in with “No no that’s not the way!”. “The Shoop Shoop Song” is no classic, just an affectionate throwaway vamp through an old hit, but Cher is always an entertaining presence and in a year of draggy hits this one had a likeable gumption.

Score: 6

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