A last encore for Stock Aitken and Waterman – their commercial headlock on the charts is broken, and we find their enthusiasm and imagination running out on a cloying version of the Little Anthony And The Imperials classic. Of course, this is a false impression – we’re a couple of months away from “Better The Devil You Know”, and Kylie’s second wind as a PWL act. In fact this – her only number one of the 90s – is probably the least interesting thing she’ll release all decade.

It may come from the soundtrack to The Delinquents – her Kylie-grows-up move – but as a record in itself “Tears” finds Kylie still very much part of “…And Jason”. In intent, this is her “Sealed With A Kiss” – the past stripped of its idiosyncrasy and presented as greetings-card romance. Kylie is the best thing here, though: she can’t match Little Anthony’s hurt dignity but given an arrangement which takes the song as cornball melodrama she throws herself into it, so it at least sounds like somebody involved cared.

Score: 4

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