Five weeks of “Swing The Mood” and six of “Ride On Time” were more than enough for Jive Bunny to get a follow-up into the shops, the charts, and back to number one: the creature was now a phenomenon. As one of the commenters on the previous hit mentioned, the wonder is that Jive Bunny had the field to himself: if competitor singles did exist, they surely flopped. The Mastermixers, who’d been in this game a while, had a catalogue of material to work with but more importantly had the Bunny himself. As much as a pop smash, this is a branding success story, and on “That’s What I Like” the voice of Chubby Checker (“I’m gonna sing my song – it won’t take long”) seems to become that of Jive Bunny Incarnate, a cheeky compere of his own hit.

This is, for what it’s worth, the best of the three Jive Bunny number ones. “Hawaii Five-O” isn’t quite as good a riff as “In The Mood” but it fits the other selections a lot better: novelty dances, surf rockers and the gonzo end of late 50s pop. There’s even one moment which comes close to bona fide mash-up thrill-power, when the intro riff from “Wipeout” slips neatly into “Great Balls Of Fire”: unfortunately the relentless beat is too high in the mix at this point for any of the other sources to carry much charge. After that the record just fizzles out, and the return of the “Hawaii Five-O” theme (with bonus syndrums!) comes as the expected relief. More of the same, then, but – the unspeakable sleeve aside – mildly more bearable.

Score: 3

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