On the 2nd October we’ll be having the Popular HALFWAY THERE party at the Horse Bar in Lambeth, during which we will be playing only No.1 hits.

We want to save the best for last, so the night will climax with The Best Number Ones (that we’ve covered so far) – as chosen by you.

How can you influence this? Very easy:

1. Register with FT (sorry about this, but we won’t do anything naughty with your login). Or login, if you’re registered already.
2. Go and look at The List of #1s so far. Click on an entry.
3. You will notice that a 1-10 scale has magically appeared below the review, and you can click on a number to score the song yourself.
4. Mark some songs out of 10.

On the night, we’ll play the best number ones, in order of reader-determined bestness. Everyone will dance and be happy. We’ll filter out slowies though, and probably play those at the Hangover Lounge on the 4th (part II of the halfway celebration).

So what are you waiting for? VOTE!