Eddy Grant’s breakthrough with the Equals on “Baby Come Back” had come by upping reggae’s stomp quotient at the expense of its lilt. I don’t know a lot about his solo career but cuts like the slashing “Do You Feel My Love” suggest he kept an interest in how his music could be made heavier – the force of the riff on that song, and the Sweet-style bovver-boy shout-outs on “Electric Avenue”, point to a fusion of rock and reggae on very different terms from the ones Bob Marley had set.

Neither of those songs hit the top, though: “I Don’t Wanna Dance” carries traces of their heft but doesn’t work as well – here it seems clumsy, those thumping drumbeats at the end of each verse giving Eddy a faintly comical air. It’s not so much that he doesn’t wanna dance, but he’s wearing clown shoes and the dancefloor is full of banana skins.

Score: 4

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