As a kid, “Tiger Feet” was pretty much my reference point for what seventies music sounded like from my (far more sophisticated) eighties vantage point – eager-to-please hoofers chanting a load of nonsense. Time and perspective have made me enjoy it a little more, but it seems to me Chinn and Chapman were on a descending path by this point, stripping more of the lust and bovver out of glam with each new act they worked with. “Tiger Feet” sounds like a bridge between glam rock and the Showaddywaddy and Shakey style rock’n’roll revivals to come.

Of course there’s plenty to like about it – Mud are trying so hard to win you ever it would be stone-hearted not to respond to some of it. The bass is buzzy and bouncy enough for electro and the riffs are crunchily filling, so there’s a tautness and excitement to it. And the “Yaaaaaaaaaaay-eh!” at the beginning is terrific, though it promises bigger thrills than Mud actually deliver. But then the chorus starts jabbing me in the ribs and hassling me to love it, and I can’t – in the end Mud are just too needy.

Score: 6

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