Probably my least favourite Slade single, simply because Jim Lea’s electric violin does my head in. (And reminds me of the Wonder Stuff!) Personal demons aside, the violin does add a nasty edge to the song, making the band’s menace even more nerve-tightening: not many alleged love songs sound this feral.

Come to think of it, even the Velvet Underground’s electric violas never sounded this evil, probably because John Cale gave the impression of being the aloof high priest at some grisly rite, whereas Jim Lea and the Slade boys are right down there in the depraved congregation, getting their sleeves rolled up and their hands bloody.

Slade’s signatures – the stomping, the spelling – are in place, but “Coz I Luv You” sounds rougher and stranger than their more full-on bootboy anthems – and there’s none of Noddy’s future cuddliness here either. Glam’s inheritors are still getting full use out of the rhythms Slade perfected (you could splice this easily with current #1 Mika) but their more atavistic impulses have been smoothed safely out. .


Score: 5

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