“Get It On” has become Bolan’s signature tune, and no wonder – it’s as witchy as “Hot Love” but more unabashedly sexed-up: surging, peaking, panting and grinding but still enticingly glittery. There’s more strangeness and whimsy in “Hot Love” mixed in with the sex, though – probably why I like it more – but the whimsy isn’t nearly gone from “Get It On”, and its eroticism is still more playful than sweaty (listen, if you must, to the Power Station’s 80s version to find out how important – and hard – it is to get this right). Playfulness and eroticism are both helped enormously by Bolan’s words, a happy babble of baffling compliments and interjections – “Bang a gong!”; “You’re built like a car, oh yeah” – and in a couple of places his muse was as on as its ever been: “Got the teeth of the hydra upon you”; “Got a hub-cap diamond star halo”. Beguiling imagery this, adding a touch of dazzle to an already fine record. .


Score: 8

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