Dave Edmunds -- I Hear You Knockin“I Hear You Knocking” is a 50s R&B cover, and more than just a cover – the enthused “Smiley Lewis! Chuck Berry! Huey Smith!” yells mark it as a celebration, and the tightly-packed, trebly arrangement seems designed to capture the feel of listening to rock n roll on a crackly transistor. The result, though, is a strangely pinched-sounding record – almost everything in it sounds sharpened, clipped and thin. The exception, and the main reason to listen, is the ever-gorgeous slide guitar, which pushes particularly well against a strutting rhythm. In fact I’d love an instrumental of this, but I can’t get along with Dave Edmunds’ nasal, echo-sodden voice – with every cawed “I hear you KNAWW-kin” I like the record less. .


Score: 5

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