Like a lot of songs from musicals, “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” sounds incomplete somehow, a stage in a particular journey. The bitter lyrics and the warm, whimsical delivery stand in such sharp contrast that you know there’s going to be a resolution one way or another. In the context of the pop charts, though, we never find out the ending, so Gentry’s song has to stand on its own as a confused, rueful moment.

I’ve never seen – or heard – Promises, Promises, so it should be easy for me to hear it like that, but the song still seems awkward. Gentry, sounding like she has a heavy cold, plays it pretty straight and sweet, and doesn’t put any special stress on Hal David’s cleverer couplets – specifically the “pneumonia”/”phone ya” rhyme, the artifice of which jumps out even more as a result. Stripped of context, what I get is some lovely hooks in service of a record that’s too cute for its own good.

Score: 6

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