A curious fake-out – this is not a song about grief, so why stress the “crying”? And who sees Elvis crying there? The presence of a “you” changes the song from a sermon into a conversation, a private attempt at conversion. In other words a seduction, which is where Elvis (and his crying) generally does the business. But not this time: Presley sounds half hesitant, half smarmy. Being in the chapel means being on his best behaviour, and his exaggerated delicacy is invasive somehow. Maybe that’s the unbeliever in me squirming – “Crying In The Chapel” has an intensity and directness which I’ll admit to finding unnerving. Most Christian hits since find a compromise between piety and pop, which makes it easy for me to just pick the second and brush off my lack of the first. Elvis won’t let me do that and I resent him for it.

Score: 2

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