The sixties canon-builders and nostalgia workers have strip-mined these charts, so when I come across a hit I’d never even heard of, I have to wonder why. As you’d expect the answer is often – “because it’s no good”. This starts as a Bacharach pastiche, delicate if a bit prim, but quickly settles into a more comfortable routine: an old school strident ballad. Jackie Trent herself sings with a plummy, annoying, precision – check the “I don’t know when / I’ll ever see you again” couplet, where her just-so enunciation only draws attention to the somewhat unsurprising rhyme. However if it’s a posher, charisma-free Cilla you’re after then this is surely the hit for you.

(Obligatory Jackie Trent fact: written with Tony Hatch, who went on to do lots of good TV themes and at least one deeply irritating one, the Neighbours theme, whose lyrics were written by Jackie T.)

Score: 3

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