In which, if you like, post-punk gets invented eleven years (or maybe two weeks) before punk. Which is to say, when I listen to the instrumental break on this record, bright guitar and sharp keyboard slicing tuneless chunks out of each other, it’s not 1964 I’m hearing. In its way “Have I The Right?” is as odd as “Telstar” (they share Joe Meek as producer) – one foot in a phantom era of steam-powered record production, the other in a future where music and life are a little wider, a bit more free.

But unlike “Telstar”, this is also a mostly-conventional pop stomper, a stab at fitting in with the new Beat Group rules. And in that context its private, primitive sonics are like the strange, slow kid shuffling by himself in a corner of the disco. The singer wants nothing to do with transatlantic cool, in fact ‘cool’ in general isn’t much help when you’re trying this hard to please, so away it goes, replaced with stagey, chewy bravado. The flourishes of yesterday and the splintery sound of tomorrow – all Honey Lantree on drums has to do is tie them together, a barely probable job which of course she aces.

Score: 8

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