The wayward wind was no longer all blowing in Frank Ifield’s direction. The harmonica splashed all over this track is surely a response to the Beatles’ liberal use of same on October’s “Love Me Do”. On both songs the instrument stands for freedom – romantic in the Beatles’ case, metaphysical in this ode to wanderlust. Unfortunately Ifield sings the song like a suspiciously butch scoutmaster – you half-expect a percussion track of slapped thighs, and when his voice breaks into a yodel the effect is rather unfortunate. That’s not to say “The Wayward Wind” isn’t good. In fact it’s a very funny record: Ifield’s hearty bellow, the yodelling, the hostage-to-fortune title and the stirring music make for a preposterous package. Campy fun now, but this is where Ifield (ahem) blew it.

Score: 6

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