In the film The Hudsucker Proxy, the hero’s irritant and eventual nemesis is a guy called Buzz. Buzz is shrill, unshakably upbeat and entirely dumb; he is the living spirit of chirp. His traits include a glintful eye, a manic handshake and the habit of repeating his just-made jokes in order to cackle loudly at them. When I hear “Good Timin'” with its hyena chorus I think of Buzz.

But what infuriates on film can entertain on vinyl. “They had timin'” sings Jimmy Jones, “Ticka-ticka-ticka-tock timin'”, and really he could end it there, it’s catchy enough, but hold on, “TAY-AY-AY-AY!” – what makes this record isn’t the wisecracking, or the beat, it’s how gratuitous its hook is.

Score: 6

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