And because the pop charts aren’t a nice smooth story what happened next was this! A stern and hearty pop ballad which starts off on a nature tip – ‘The day that the rains came down / Mother Earth smiled again’. This is a good thing not for feed-the-world reasons but because it allows Jane to connect plants growing with her love. Which is also growing. Jane and beau then walk Adam-and-Evely through a new (and probably damp) Eden of lilies, willows and meadows. The serpent in paradise? A hip-twitching trumpet line that seems to have wandered in from a Connie Francis record.

(POP FACT! Why did this song get to No.1? Well, who knows, but apparently January 1959 was the sunniest since records began, and February that year one of the driest on record. That’s ‘sunny’ and ‘dry’ by English standards, of course.)

Score: 3

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