Not that sounding ‘modern’ is always great. Eddie Fisher’s tear-clogged crooning style is thoroughly, slickly pre-modern and all the more mysterious for it. Enveloped by trilling strings and cooing singers, he sounds as fallen and un-manned as the song suggests: ‘On your wedding day I stood in the crowd / I could hardly keep from crying out loud’. The finality of her marriage is the clang as the pearly gates shut on poor, hopeless Eddie. Musically we’re back in Al Martino territory ‘ crash, bang, orchestra, wallop ‘ but there’s a little less bludgeon and a tremulous piano break to give the song some colour and subtlety. It’s a good song but it doesn’t bear too many listenings ‘ Fisher’s mannerisms and the arrangement just emphasise what a gulf there is between then and me; the codes he’s singing in cannot be entirely broken.

Score: 5

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